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The Voice of The Customer

The voice of customers is vital for an organization. Every interaction that the business has with a customer enables a way to build loyalty or lose it. Customers’ voices allow organizations to keep track of the a large number of interactions that transpire between customers and their company. This will permit them to learn effective ways of making their customers happy and keep them coming back. Businesses can implement the voice of a customer to uncover meaningful feedback from the customer’s opinions and offer them instant solutions. Customers who see results using their interactions with businesses will almost certainly become loyal to the company. This will promote positive experiences that they may share with others through conversations. The faster a reply from a company the more likely that your chosen business can maintain a good relationship featuring its customers. Read more—An-Important-Part-Of-Your-Business&id=5695717 Article Source:... read more

10 Reasons to Outsource More of Your Marketing

While working for different organizations, I found marketing teams pulled between big picture (strategic marketing) and getting things done (tactical marketing). Your company is in a good place if your are in need of more resources. Your team will be appreciative of help in well-defined areas without thinking they are being replaced or not meeting standards. Outsourcing to a non-employee is less commitment than hiring an employee. Finally, when providing a launch date to sales leadership, you can be confident that you will achieve your goal allowing sales to achieve their goals.

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Setting Business Goals

Revenue Goals, Platform Launches


Planning Education And Events

Budgeting, Venues, Promotion

Develop Written Business Plans

Set Roadmap, Raise Capital

Identify Target and Customer Segmentation

Gather Voice of Customer, Pricing

Creating Effective Sales Tool

Provide Competitive Analysis, Promotions, Sales Incentives


Build Strategic and Tactical Marketing Plans

Promotions, Marketing Calendar, Media Strategies and Analytics

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